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The Digital Marketing Hub – How does it work and how do I get started?


The Digital Marketing Hub is a platform to help small businesses grow. Find out what it is and its benefits in our blog.  


It’s straightforward to set up, you only need to have a website to apply. You’ll also need to link your Facebook business page to be able to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.  

We recommend connecting Google Analytics so we have better insight into what ads are working well and what we can improve to help your business grow.  


Getting started 

You can get started for free by signing up to the Digital Marketing Hub and following the step-by-step guide from our ad builder. You’ll have your first digital ad posted across Google, Facebook and Instagram in a matter of minutes.  

Sit back and check our dashboard to see how your ad is performing while our AI technology automatically improves its performance.  


Let us know how you get on and reach out if you have any questions!