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Two cabinets next to each other, one fibre, one not


Hi there,


Al my exchange (Chester, Central) has been fibre enabled for sometime, my business premesis is unable to access infinity. This strikes me as a little unusual as our building houses a number of companies (hundreds of staff) and is next to a residential block of flats (relatively expensive, so people with disposable income) and also next to a number of other businesses (it is by the canal near Chester train station, quite a nice place to work all in all).


After some research and phone calls, I found out that we are connected to cabinet P137 (postcode CH3 5AN), which comes back as:


Chester Central, FTTC, but not availbale yet, P137


So our exchange is fibre ready, our cabinet is not, and no information is provided as to when it may be (so presumably there is currently no plan to enable/replace it). Interestingly, I can try post codes of businesses just across the road, and they come back as connected to cabinet (postcode CH3 5AL):


Chester Central, FTTC, 6A announced March 2010, P25


So it seems this magicaly P25 has fibre, but poor old P137 doesn't. So I had a little scout around my local area, and a minute down the road I found both of these cabinets next to eachother:




My office is to the right of the picture, so definitely closer (by 2 meters) to P137 over P25.


Is this just bad luck for me? No access fibre now, now roadmapped access to fibre in future. My best bet being contact BDUK or starting a petition or what have you to have our box enabled?

It is obviously frustrating, our business is IT based and we have to do a lot of file transfers, intinify would help us hugely, we are actually considering whether we should move to another office because of this issue.


Many thanks for your help!