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Unable to access Web Site Management - Day 2 - Sunday October 25th


24 hours and counting - still no access to web site management and still no communication from BT. This is pathetic service from a major service provider compounded by the uncaring high handed attitude. My trust in the organisation has been eroded as I was promised some time ago that this would not happen again. Times are bad enough, we are trying to run our businesses in  a professional manner, we need a provider with a similar approach.  Can someone either fix the problem or at the very least communicate what is going on.



So there is definitely a problem then? I was unable to access my emails all day yesterday it just kept saying "loading" and today my website isn't showing for editing which has sent me in to major panic. Hope BT sort this out soon it's ridiculous!!

This is getting beyond a joke have staff in to day waiting to pack orders for courier to pick up  tomorrow  and I can't print off any paper work at least if they had warned us we could have planned for this. Hope bt remeber this when the invoices goes out

Spoken to someone at BT who didn't have a clue. Waiting for a call back from someone else.

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I can get in to mine with no problems, also I don't get the security issue you posted - the BT certificate is valid until 25/10/2010 according to the padlock certifcate issued by Equifax.


I'm using IE8 on Windows 7 - What Browser/OS are you using?


Also can you get in by selecting "continue to this site anyway" on the error page?

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I have the same issue, I cant get to the backend at all no matter what I do. No comms from BT - but then wouldnt expect them to really care. I have complained to them about the unreliablity of epages and its clear that they dont understand what small businesses need in this climate so I am in the process of moving away from them as they have lost me sales in the past!  I should have listened to all the advice from others who warned me against BT when I first went them. Totally pathetic!

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I tried again just now and still have the same problem. I logged a ticket with BT yesterday morning and have had no response at all.  Does anyone know where you can find details of the Service Level agreement - ie if you raise a ticket over the weekend for an outage, when are BT supposed to respond?  I'm going to use their complaints procedure as well .




Service has been truly awful.


48 hours without access - no communication.


Phoned what sounded like India yesterday and the woman I spoke to was absolutely clueless.


Waiting a call back at 9am this morning. 


Hi all


We have the same problem, its appauling service, no contact from bt in 48 hours on this. We have sold items from our site this weekend and I cant even access to see what they are, and BT have the audacity to charge you in advance for services etc, only here in the UK would it be allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apologies for the late response, this issue has been escalated as a top priority to our support department. The issue appears to be with our website control panel ( as soon as we have an update we will post here.


Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to restore your service as soon as possible. 

The eShop Team