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Versatillity, NTE (master socket) not releasing Line


Hi everyone,


Hope someone on here can help, My boss has downgraded the ISDN 2e line to single standard Analogue Line; the ISDN box was swapped this morning to the standard NTE Master Box.


The Versatillity system now has an Analogue card in there. We have used a 431A plug in to the NTE Master socket, and pin's 2 and 5 are connected to Line one on the Versatillity system (lines 2, 3,4 now have GSM gateways on them)


We get a dial tone, and can receive calls and the system is fine, HOWEVER when WE dial out, have a convo then hang up the system does not let go of the line. the light on the hand set stays on.


Does anyone have any ides? it needs to be run though the NTE box as that line will have ADSL on it soon.


Hoping someone can help.




UPDATE - It now hangs up the line after 120sec's then you can re use the line....Mmmmm got to be something todo with programing???

Message Edited by ryanjkeen on 17-09-2009 06:23 PM