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Want to know what this forum is all about? Read on…

BT Employee
BT Employee

The purpose of this Forum is for BT Business customers to discuss with other customers how to get the most out of their BT Business products and services and, in doing so, to provide a searchable knowledge base of useful answers. Customer service agents do monitor this Forum as moderators but it is not the policy of this Forum for the moderators to reply to all posts.


If you have an issue that needs to be resolved by BT please contact us.


Please note: if you post a fault with, or a complaint about, a BT Business product or service and you do not reply to a moderator’s request for your account details within 48 hours, we may remove your post from the Forum.


Also: We may occasionally change the title of a post to make the post more searchable for other Forum members. For example we may change the title of a post about being able to send emails but being unable to receive them from: ‘Email problem’ to ‘Unable to receive emails’. This also helps search engines pick up the most relevant posts, making it easier for other customers to find the best answers for their search term

If you ask a question and receive a correct response, as the author of the first post in the thread you can click on Accepted Solution to make other members aware of the resolution.    


If, as the author of a question you see a better solution in the future simply click on 'Options' on the right-hand side of the post then click on 'Unmark as Accepted Solution'. You'll then be able to choose the better post as the Accepted Solution. If you end up solving your own question you may also mark your own solution as Accepted. 


We also have a kudos rating system. Wherever you see a useful post please let everyone else know about it by clicking on the 'Kudos' image (as shown below). The homepage and the main board pages show the top-rated posts and top-rated authors too, so you'll be able to easily see which posts are the most useful and also who has been given the most Kudos ratings.  




We hope you enjoy your time on our forums – feel free to invite your friends and colleagues, the more the merrier! We look forward to speaking with you!


Happy posting!