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What is the excess usage charge for Infinity option 1?

Power User

I have BT Infinity for Busienss option 1 and I was surprised to find an excess usage charge of £37.50 plus VAT in my April bill, itemised as an adjustment to my February bill. I have some questions:


1. what is the excess usage charge for BT Infinity for Business? I read somewhere that for residential Infinity, it is £5 per 5 GB but can't find any information about Business Infinity charges


2. secondly, I have the 5 static IP address option - is it possible to find out which IP address(es)  incurred the excess bandwidth usage?


3. finally, if someone connects to BT Wi-Fi or BT OpenZone through my BT Hub 3, does their bandwidth usage contribute to my billed usage, or is Wi-Fi/OpenZone usage ignored and I'm only billed for my own usage via my own wireless LAN & Ethernet connections?


Thanks in advance,




Grand Guru

Hi andyt22,


Each business account has a line specific username that the router uses to login with, this look like, and we use this username to track how much bandwidth you have used.


If you go to usage charges and look at section 2.3 this explains what the charges are if you go over your limits.


Unfortunately, as the usage is tracked using the router ID, we are not able to advise what IP has used what bandwidth.  Only your usage is tracked BT WiFi/Openzone usage does not count towards your limit.


I hope this helps to explain how we track and charge of over use.



BT Business Forum Moderator

Power User

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I've since found the reason for the high bandwidth usage through looking at various network switch logs here.


I also discovered that plenty of warnings about excess usage in February & March had actually been sent to my BTconnect email account but I wrongly assumed all email to that address was being forwarded to my usual email address. These messages list the excess usage charges too.


I'll be contacting BT today to arrange an upgrade to option 2.


Thanks for your help,