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can anyone please help, we have a business mobile on bt. we are coming to the end of our contract, and have had terrible trouble with it for the whole time.

When not in Salon, we have calls diverted through from landline to mobile. Some of the time there is no problem and we get our voicemals and notifications of a missed call. Other times we get nothing. We have lost so many customers because they have rung, the call has been diverted, they hear our answer message,and leave their message, But the phone has nothing, no message, no notification. This results in very angry customers and it is a really really common complaint.


please help, we are desperate, spoken to bt lots of times, even had replacement handset and it still happens HELP




BT have an unfair advantage and use that to really screw people over. It is evident by how hard it is to find a way of submitting a complaint on their website.


I’ve had problems with BT local business before but after experiencing problems with other departments it would appear that it is a common trait which runs through the BT brand as a whole.


I’ve just renewed my mobile contract, received the handset and simcard. I’ve had a look at the handset and feel it is not suitable, just contacted BT mobile only to be told that the cooling period does not apply as I’ve opened the package it arrived in, I mean how is a person supposed to know check the content without opening the packaging?


On top of everything else, try finding a complaints procedure on the BT website! You get spun in circles and not get anywhere. Its disgusting the way BT Business treats is customers!