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eShop - Financial reporting

Super User

I think the eShop package is totally lacking in any kind of even basic financial reporting feature. This is kind of strange for an eCommerce platform.


In it's simplest form I would like to do something very basic. That is to say, export order information to Excel and run simple reports e.g. monthly turnover, etc.


eShop can currently export order info but in a totally useless format for Excel. What is needed is an export facility which lists each order on a single row. Then I can total the sales column and come up with a (monthly) figure.


Any chance of such a simple feature which would greatly improve the functionality of the software?

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Master User
Hi graemewilliams, We are currently reviewing a number of options that will help with your idea including a 'dashboard' that will show you number of orders etc. which we expect to be ready early in the New Year as well as improving further the import/export capabilities. We will update you as soon as the development is finalised.
The eShop Team


Latest update from eShopTeam. The "dashboard" feature and other improvements are still some way off. 

They say eTracker and Google Analytics do provide some financial reports that customers could try using meantime.