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eShop needs to have 2 Versions of the custoemrs website

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I believe, when you work on eShop, you only work on one version of the site which is live.  Ideally you should have a Work In Progres version which you can "Publish" to become live and then continue making changes to it without it effecting the live site.


The option of "closing" the online shop while you make changes is ridiculous - the whole point was to have a 24/7 site.


A non-live working progress version would allow the site owner to completley revamp his site wth product structures, colour schemes, page formats etc without effect his day to business......or tell me i have it wrong?


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Hello whoknows, This is already possible with the eShop. Go to Design -> My Styles and duplicate (Create backup copy) the style that is currently active in your shop. Now you can work on this copy and preview the result using the link to the shop page or the link "View in Web site" in the list of "My Styles". Sincerely
The eShop Team

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Hi whoknows, another little trick is to make to use the additional language pack in your eshop to preview different texts/design.


Go into Preview mode and within each page you should see the multi language drop down on top right of screen. Change it to different language and you'll be able to enter your 'new' text and preview it accordingly. If you switch off 'editing help' (top left) you'll get a much clear picture of your site as well. Of course you then need to copy and paste it back into your default language but its (hopefully) better than nothing. Also you'll want to remove the 'language option' design element in the design editor so customers cant see your different design.


Note, this only works for content i.e. things in middle of the page. The design editor does all the nav bars.


Hope that's clear and it helps.


Thanks, orchie.