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jpeg image forwarding to FTP Server with IP Address

Can anyone help please? We have a website that we host on btconnect which includes a number of snap shot jpeg images from our CCTV camera feed (birds nesting, etc). This has worked perfectly for the last few years setting Host/server name to and using our allocated Username and Password, putting the image into the /public directory - which is similar to how we upload our actual web-site pages.

We have just upgraded our camera system to a QVIS Zeus (16ch model) which rather than using a "Server Name" (which on BT Connect is needs a specific Server IP address (ie: for the FTP server. If I do an IP address check on BT Connect's it returns which I am using to upload the webcam snap shot to the /public upload directory where our web-site in hosted(together with using my normal Username and Password). However, when I look into the /public folder of our web-site there is no web-cam jpeg images.
The QVIS system is not rebooting itself so it looks as if it sending out the jpeg images. I have set the cameras on motion detection to trigger FTP output (on effectively and alarm) and for it to send a snap shot jpeg image to the given FTP Server.

Everything is the same I think on the old and new system except for your a FTP server name before and Server IP address digits on the new.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.