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moving from business to domestic (residential) broadband


I already have a residential phone line and contract with BT.

I have also a business broadband account with a monthly GB cap.

I want to consolidate both in to an unlimited broadband domestic package. I would like to keep my e-mail addresses, which to my mind seems reasonable since I am staying with BT.


I spent over an hour on the phone to at least 10 different members of staff in business and residential yesterday, each said it was the others matter to sort, in the end a manager said they would ring me back.........nothing has happened.

Apparently some system for doing this step-down has changed and there isnt acutally a process to do this.....

I am beginning to wonder why I would want to stay with BT at all.

The complaints and contact us pathway merely takes you into a loop from which there is no actual help.

Is anyone from BT able to help please, this is appalling customer care!

thank you.


Super User

Hi, This issue only can be solved by the BT support team


Hi Blan,


First off let's get one thing straight - BT Business and BT Residential are separate ISPs.  Any move from one to other is pretty much the same as moving from BT to Sky or AOL.  This is why even if you want to move between the two BT ISPs you still need a MAC code.


I honestly don't understand why people don't get this.  BT is a group of companies, not just one big blob of shariness.


Anyway now that we've got that out of the way the main sticker appears to be your wanting to keep your addresses.




When your broadband is ceased on the business account call Billing and have them set the account to Pay As You Go.  you won't be charged for anything, unless you have any thing like Business Email or Web Hosting.


Once that's done you'll have the account forever, although you would need to log in to each account through at least once every 60 to 90 days to make sure they stay active.  Email program access (e.g. Outlook) doesn't count.


Hope that helps.




Dave A