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viewing cctv on blackberry 9700




looking for some advise with set up, has any one had success with viewing there cctv cameras through BT home hub.

I have a Addonics 8 channel DVR which is connected to my BT home hub, and im trying to view my cameras on my Blackberry 9700 V6.


I been told by the company who sold me the DVR that this is possible, yet ive not found any body who has had success.


Simon from BT IT Tech, has dialed into my PC and has opened all ports, im using 7777, and 8888 for Mobile and im using QQEye on my Blackberry, im using my IP address which I get from, however when I check my port openings on it tells me that the ports are closed, and when I try to connect using my Blackberry all I get is connection lost .


Any help would grateful, as its driving me MAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Even if a port is open, mikea, it can return a result of it being closed, if you check the port from "outside".  To be sure, you would need to check the firewall logs in the Business Hub.  You can find them if you access the hub's user interface (generally on: ) and go to: Settings - Logs - Firewall logs (newest entries are at the bottom of the page).  It will clearly indicate if a packet was passed or blocked.


If passed, then the fault lies outwith the firewall settings.  We'd be happy to troubleshoot with you if you Contact Us