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Get to know your bills better


Do you want to know more about the charges on your bill? You can now download any bill up to 26 months’ old as free CSV data files.


What’s a CSV data file?


A CSV (comma-separated values) data file is a text file that lets you save data in a table-structured format.


CSVs show you full details for each billed item, including its BT product description. Plus, if there’s a charge, you’ll see the most info we can give on it.


CSV files also let you track your usage. For example, you can see each call’s date and time, the phone number it was to and from, the length of call, and more. 


Get your data your way


If you’ve got lots of bills, CSVs let you sort and analyse your billing data your way. Just load into your spreadsheet or accountancy software and you’re off. You can even use CSVs to make Microsoft PivotTables to help you spot patterns in your costs.


Why not try it yourself? To download the CSV bills you want, go to Previous bills in My Account and make your selections. There’s also our FAQ on how to view and download your bills.