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4G Asssured Broadband Speed

I have recently taken delivery of a new broadband router and 4G Assured Dongle. As the landline broadband has yet to appear (incomptence and shoddy service by BT Openreach) I have tried to use the 4G service. However I can only receive very low speeds whereever I place the dongle - Download 5mbps Upload 1mbps. When accessing the router admin pages it gives a signal of -80 dmbs and shows and LTE rather than 4G. Can anyone help please?

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Re: 4G Asssured Broadband Speed

You have to have a decent 4G signal for it to work at all. They should have checked your signal before supplying the package and if the signal was not enough they should have advised you and not supplied the dongle. Well, that's what I've been told by BT technical bods.

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