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Authentication 403 Error; Access is forbidden.

I'm in a pickle at the mo...

At about 12:30 ish all our users couldnt access the internet due to a 403 forbidden error.

HTTP Status 403 type
Status report
descriptionAccess to the specified resource () has been forbidden.
Oracle GlassFish Server

This is what they are greeted with when connecting to the internet, yet exchange emails work and users can still ping the outside network?



Should note this is where we're redirected to....


Obviously the x's are the IP address.


Seeing as its a BT Retail redirect I was hoping someone here could shed some light on this??

Any ideas?

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Re: Authentication 403 Error; Access is forbidden.

Hi AppleHead493,


What the issues could be, is that there is a billing reminder on the account which is blocking access to websites but not email, if you contact the helpdesk they will be able to check for you and get the billing redirect removed from the line.