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Broadband in the Newcastle area



Can somebody from BT provide an update on the problems in the Newcastle area, affecting these dialling codes:


01642 01661 019122 019123 019124 019125 019127 019129 & 019123


Quoting from your status page:


"We hope to have your service back to normal within the next 2 hours."


It has now been 22 hours, and nobody at BT seems to be able to provide an update.





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Re: Broadband in the Newcastle area

Thats becuase there isnt an update, it will be fixed as soon as possible, only if something serious happens that will take the exchanges out for several weeks will they provide an update. Thats the way it has always been.


You can try complaining, but BT will simply state in that in its T&C's they will attempt to, but cannot guarantee that they can warn you about updates/upgrades/faults.

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Re: Broadband in the Newcastle area



I have checked with the Broadband Technical team and they have said that the issue should now be resolved and the server status page updated.


If you are still experiencing issues please contact the technical support team.


Kind Regards



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