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PPPOE and Static IP Addresses Help please



A customer has just moved to BT from Zen, we was successfully using a Draytek Vigor and Sonicwall that was configured for PPPOE and a Static Public Addresses

Upon trying to reconfigure the Draytek and Sonicwall for BT I have encountered the problem that even though "Use Static IP Address" is selected on the Sonicwall I always see a BT allocated address on the PPPOE Connection details as being live rather than one of our own.

Is there a known reason for this at all as it is stopping me getting their Sonicwall VPN working as it relies me having the Public facing ip static, unless there is another way to do it......

We was not provided with a BT Router so I dont know whether this would be the way to go to get our problems resolved?





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Re: PPPOE and Static IP Addresses Help please

Hi SB. I have nothing on top of my head for this but you can try calling 0845 600 7020 for broadband support.

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Re: PPPOE and Static IP Addresses Help please

Just wondered if you were able to solve this problem. I had exactly the same setup as you describe, both before and after migration to infinity and I have seen exactly the same behaviour - whatever I do, the BT dynamically allocated IP always appears on the sonicwall Primary WAN.  This is really frustrating as I have bought a block of IP addresses so that I can use at least one as a static VPN accesspoint - and as you probably know this has to be the WAN primary IP.


All the BT engineers that I have spoken to say that it should be possible to assign one of my usable IP adresses to the WAN IP despite the fact that the sonicwall is negotiating the PPOE connection - but nobody can tell me how to get the sonicwall to accept it.

Any help or an update on your research would be very much appreciated.




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Re: PPPOE and Static IP Addresses Help please

Are your new static ip addrersses with bt, or do you have your own?


bt's static ip addresses are peered static ip addresses, meaning that, although your router (in your case sonicwall) gets assigned a dynamic ip address, with the static ip addresses being routed to your equipment by means of the logon details assigned to your individual broadband account.


do you actually need multiple static ip addresses, or do you only need 1, with 1 you can assign that directly to your router(sonicwall).


when you order 5 static ip addresses, you actuall get 8, 1 of which is only for the router, you need to check your email with all the details of the static addresses.