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using 192.168.2.* IP range with BT hub 5

Hi, Looking through the help files, I noticed the following:


The valid IP addresses for use on your business network are:


  • to (The default DHCP range is to
  • to
  • -
  • A warning message will be displayed if you choose an invalid set-up.

I recently replaced my router with the BT Hub 5, and as the existing network was set up using the 192.168.2.* IP range, I changed the HUB settings to match.  Things are working OK except one device seems to occaisionally loose connection until I unplug the network cable, wait, and then plug in again.  This device I use with a fixed IP, as I do others without any issue.


So my question... is the IP range of to (as stated above from the help files) the only IP range that can be used on the Hub 5?


If so, will the IP range I'm using, to cause a problem, and if so why?


My gateway is set to


Thanks in advance


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Re: using 192.168.2.* IP range with BT hub 5

Can Someone from BT comment on this post please?


The help files suggest that only the to network is acceptable.

However, I've setup using the to range.

Is this OK?

I ask as the help files are confusing.

Anyone from BT please!



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Re: using 192.168.2.* IP range with BT hub 5

Hi mikepo


With the BT routers the default range is, but you can create your own custom IP range within the router with no issues.




/* /