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£40 late payment charge - no bills


For the second time my internet connection was hijacked by BT telling me I was late paying my bill....


I received no emails telling me my bill was due. I followed the online instructions and to my amazement I was also charged a £40 late payment fee.


My bills are normally sent via email and are paid promptly, so why now is my browser being hijacked and a £40 late payment fee what is that for, that is way to much. 


I'd like a breakdown of what the late fee covers and why all of a sudden for the second time I've received no bill and am I to guess I will be expected to pay another late charge.


If so, it's goodbye BT


Grand Guru

Hi there Pazz,


to get information on what has happend, you will need to speak to our billing team, if you follow the link you can call or chat to them about it.