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Boost Wi-Fi Coverage?




I have recently moved in to a new premises and I am having some issues with the wireless connection. I think my broadband is fine, it works when I am nearby it – but we have 4 floors. Would anyone have any recommendations on if it is possible to boost this?



Bob C


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hello Bob


Sorry to hear you have had trouble with the wireless connection. There are a few things I can recommend – firstly make sure that the router is raised off the ground and that it is not too close to other electrical devices that may impact the connectivity. This will help maximise your range. Being honest, you may struggle with 4 floors, so there are a few options. One of these is to purchase boosters which you can get from us or from any electrical outlet – these have mixed success though as they can be impacted by a number of variables. The other option is to get a second line in – then you could have 2 connections covering 2 floors each, which may make life a bit  easier!


In addition, as a BT customer you can access our millions of nationwide BT hotspots using your primary email address and password - so if you see things like "BT Wifi" or "BT Wifi-with-FON" you should be able to connect to these on your various devices.


Any questions just let me know!