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Broadband Drops Out


We have BT Business Broadband that keeps dropping out. We have had five engineer visits in four weeks who have eliminated everything but SHINE which they say is produced externally and they can do nothing about it. We have run an analysis program for the last 24 hours (RouterStats HUB 5A) which showed a drop out of 4 minutes at 22:56 yesterday. The question is that whist I expected the Connection Speed and Max Speed to drop to '0' I would have thought the Line Attenuation & Noise Margin would have remained but that too drop to 0dB, is that right? We also have a domestic line with broadband that only joins the business line back at the 'Green Box' and that dropped out at the same time. We have been lifted and shifted to a new DSLAM with the domestic remaining on the old. Sure this isn't SHINE this is the network dropping out at the Fibre Cab or Exchange. This is only a small village and there are a number of other HT users suffering the same symptoms. To make sure it isn't Mains bourne we even ran the routers off one of our UPS backup inverters used for PC's and they still dropped out running off the battery pack.! Any input would be gratefully received. MODERATORS PLEASE DISREGARD THE MENTION OF DOMESTIC FAULT AS YOU CANNOT ACTION THIS. WE HAVE POSTED ON THE DOMESTIC FORUM SEPERATELY!!


BT Employee
BT Employee



Sorry to hear you are having issues with this - It sounds like it has been quite the saga! You mentioned you have had several engineers out - have we raised a complaint for you at all during this process? If not, I would recommend coming through to us on chat or calling in on 0800 800 152 and getting a complaint raised so that we can try and escalate this with BTWholesale (apologies if this has already been done!). Ideeally that would be what should happen with this one - i cannot really speak for the ins and outs of what is happening on the line, other than standard testing we are quite reliant on the engineers in that regard. But nevertheless, if you are having persistant issues it is our duty of care to resolve those issues for you - so I would get back to us and get that complaint raised so tha twe can try to perservere and resolve everything for you1





Hi Ryan,


We have a complaint open but no ever calls back, we have to chase.


At this moment we have an SFI engineer with us and he thinks maybe duff DSLAM but is having to refer it back to another engineer who will hopefully be available to visit later today.


Yes it is a saga and not what one would expect from a flagship UK company.


Hi to all readers.


The first engineer who came out could not find anything wrong in the property. Just to be on the safe side he installed a new Secure 5 socket front to the master socket which we believe is part of the BT equipment and not ours.


We have just opened our BT bill.


Guess what, BT charged £245 +VAT for that socket change..........replacing their own kit!!




And by the way that £300 fix hasn't solved the problem. We have had 5 more engineers since and still drops out......


Could that be a £1500 bill and still faulty??





Are you by any chance located in Leicester?


I have all too many times experienced BT engineers applying charges when faults aren't found, or even when the fault is found but then blamed on customer equipment.


One of my clients based in Leicester is having similar problems as yourself, consistently, with a slow down of response found first and then 1 or 2 packets lost every few seconds. They have three lines to one property, 2 with BT both as a business, and one as SKY on residential. Both BT lines have the exact same issues, whereas the sky one dosn't.






No we are in Worcester.


BT have agreed to refund the engineers fee 'as a gesture of goodwill'.


Fault this occuring and another network engineer out again today!!


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Thanks Bonnie.


We are on fibre to copper with a vectored DSLAM in the fibre cabinet.


Engineers say if fibre cab wasn't vectored we would not see the drops but as it is vectored it can take between 4 and 12 minutes to re-sync. They still cannot explain drops though.


BT have put us on a HUB6 with BT Assured 4G dongle to fill the gaps. Still testing but the upside is that it looks like we do not notice the drops as such / downside speeds drop dramatically>>77MBs down to 10MBs.