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Broadband and Covid 19


I am currently shutting my shop due to the current situation,  the broadband is totally idle, I have tried to cancel the service, but keep the phone line but was told I needed to pay £300 to come out of the contract. Hardly fair, does anyone know how I can get around this situation. 


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Emma


Sorry to hear you are in the predicament - I completely understand that paying for a service you are not using is far from ideal. I know that the situation for our billing teams is changing day to day, but as far as I am aware we are not currently chasing anyone up for bills, and your services should not be ceased if you do not pay (however the payment will be required eventually).


Now, I am not a member of one of our billing teams myself - so I may not be fully up to date with the current process, so my advice would be to give them a call to discuss the bills to see if anything can be done. You can get them directly on 0845 600 6156 or you can contact them via livechat.





We have also been in the same predicament, and were also told by BT that they would not chase payment if we didnt pay for a few months and we could sort it out once we reopened. They even said if we renewed our contract we could have the 3 months we were closed for free. But we have now found they have added a £40 late payment charge every month on just a £50/month subscription! We are only a tiny business with 1 employee. This is horrid business practise by BT, taking advantage of a pandemic to profit off struggling small businesses