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Business Hub 3 vs. Home Hub 3?

BT Business user here (for home / small office use) - currently using a Business Hub 2 (black and silver) but wi-fi reception in parts of house are poor / nil.


I understand a Business Hub 3 is better?  Any views?


I have been offered a BT Home Hub 3 - which looks to be the same cosmetically - but am not sure if that will suffice or whether i should order a Business hub 3 instead?


Any advice?  

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Re: Business Hub 3 vs. Home Hub 3?

Hi DazzaSlayer,


The main difference between the Business Hub 3 and the Home Hub 3 is the firmware within them.  As the Home Hub 3 does not have some features to set up things like public static IP's and the setting up of port forwarding works slightly differently, it has to be done by device name and not by user defined IP. The Hub 3 is most certainly better than the 2 though.


We do of course have upgraded models – the Hub 5 and the SmartHub – so if I were you I would go for them. It may be worth contacting us in regards to this to see if we are able to provide those at all Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!



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