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Casting BT Sport - Bt Business customers being given inferior product


I have BT Business Broadband, and according to this link  I cannot cast BT Sport to my Apple TV. Frankly this sucks , I pay a lot of money for BT Busines Broadband, why on earth would BT only allow us a cut down version of the Sport app? - they only give this cruddy service to BT Mobile without broadband/EE Mobile and Business Broadband. Seems like a raw deal and pretty poor customer service. 


So, my question to BT and/or anyone else is:

1) Why are you giving such a raw deal to your business customers, surely its no pain to allow casting?
2) Can I pay some sort of upgrade fee to allow my Bt Business subscription to cast to Apple TV

3)is there any workaround to actually casting?

I get the europsort app for £25 a year and can cast that anywhere, way to go Eurosport.


I have spent a few hours trying to get a sensible answer from various people on BT Busines Helplines but noone seems to have any clue or idea, I've tried to talk to BT Sport, they have no idea, so come on BT Business, own this issue and let us know why we only get a cut down version like EE customers and your residential customers get a full version. 

Hell, I will even pay a small upgrade fee to allow casting, but cant even get an answer to that anywhere


Grand Master

I imagin BT Business only give a striped down version, as in theroy a business should get a Public Licenses to show BT sport, However that does leave people in "home" offices at a disadvantage




BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Yehbutnotyeh


Very sorry about the late reply, I must have missed this somehow - my sincere apologies!


We offer BT Sport as a mobile app based on personal use as an inclusive benefit at no charge to our BT Business broadband and EE mobile customers on selected plans. This service is chargeable for all other customers. We currently haven’t considered the casting option as we already have a large screen option for commercial use, this is the BT Sport you routinely see in pubs and other public venues. Thank you for your feedback, at BT we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, we will definitely take your issues into consideration.