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Silver address


I can't upgrade our broadband to fibre because apparently we have a silver address (I'm currently with TalkTalk).

I had an Openreach engineer onsite a few months back who verified we have the capability to have fibre, my neighbours have fibre but we can't upgrade because of this silver address thing.

How do we get this sorted out?

Our business has been at this address for 16 years, in the past we have had 2 telephone services provided by BT. The previous business on this address had a telephone.

I've fired off emails to Openreach but have been completely ignored, I've phoned Openreach with this promise of a call back but it doesn't happen. This is a rediculous sitituation and I need help getting this sorted out.


BT Employee
BT Employee



Sorry to hear you are having these issues - whilst this is not something I have come across myself, it is certainly something I will do my best to assist you with.


I think getting in touch with Openreach is the right way to go with this one. They have clearly not been very co-operative however as evidenced by your lack of reply from them. What I would suggest is getting an Openreach complaint raised - that would at least help you get this sorted with a bit more urgency. You may have to do that via TalkTalk, your service provider.


I hope you have some joy with this!