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Smart Hub 2 + ASUS ZenWifi AX


Hi there,


Have been with BT since last year. The connection to my premises is relatively okay (generally coming in around 65mbps compared to an advertised mbps). In my basement where the connection comes in, the internet is good. However the Wi-Fi Disc connectivity is very poor, on the first floor of my unit the speed is more like 25mbps and very patchy. The 4g Hybrid Connect is receiving poor signal too.


As a result I've managed to get a set of ASUS ZenWifi AX routers, with the idea to put one in the basement and one on the first floor. 


When setting up, using the Smart Hub 2 in 'bridge mode', there is no internet connection coming into the ZenWifi router. The light on the Smart Hub 2 is a solid orange when in 'bridge mode'. The RJ45 cable is currently going from the WAN port on the Smart Hub 2 to the WAN port on the ZenWifi.


The ZenWifi I am trying to set up in PPPoE mode. I have the 'network used id' details from BT for my broadband so that seems to be fine. They are different from the '' details that I see in other queries.  Instead it is a 'btclick' email address alongside a more gibberish style password.


From what I've read online, perhaps I need a separate modem in order to make this work?


All help welcomed!



Are you a BT Business customer?  Do you have FTTC or FTTP or ADSL?


You need to use a LAN port on the BT hub.

The mods here will help, but not until Monday; if my suggestion does not work, post again.

Search this forum for 'Bridge'

Search also for Asus ZenWiFi

Google BT Hub Asus ZenWifi AX too


Help for router settings is available here How do I enable bridge mode on my BT Business Hub? | BT Business

Do you have ADSL (copper) or fibre, as settings above are different.


I have found Powerline adapters to be useful.  You connect one to the BT Hub or router by ethernet and another one wherever you need wifi.  They each plug into a 13A socket and use the mains wiring to send internet traffic from one to the other.

or similar.  You can add more 'slaves/ as required, just make sure it meets your speed requirements.

If they don't work you can send back for a full refund, so keep all the packaging!


Hi Kelper! 


Thanks so much for the reply.


I am a BT Business customer. I have a SOGEA connection, and it is fibre.


I may add a Powerline adapter too. The connection upstairs is really poor, and I just happened to have the ZenWifi AX.





The Powerline Slave has an ethernet outlet that could feed internet to and from your ZenWiFi router,  So you could use the BT Hub in unbridged mode, in your basement and connect one of it's LAN ports to the Powerline Master.

But the Slave also has wifi.


When the Smart Hub 2 is in Bridge mode the light should be steady white, not orange???


Hi Kelper, 


The light on a Smarthub 2 will go orange in Bridge mode. Just for your information. 





Is A Business Smart Hub 2 that different to my Business Smart Hub 1?  Mines shows a steady white on bridge mode.


The help here What do the lights mean on my BT Business Hub? | BT Business

says, "Orange light - Your hub is working but isn't connected to the internet"


Paul, forgive me, but you said in a November post, "1: The hub light should go White when in Bridge mode. Something doesnt seem correct."


If I try to share this post it takes me to a link that does'nt work!  😂🤣😁