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Use static IP address from other ISP with BT connection until new IP address arrrives from BT?




I am switching from a DSL service with another ISP to Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) with BT.


BT advise that it will take some time to install the fibre connection. The service with my existing ISP will not be cancelled until BT's FTTP service is installed.


I would like to switch to using the BT service via the 4G dongle immediately; I need the extra speed. However, I also need a static public IP address, and I don't yet have one from BT. Is it possible to connect to BT via the Smart Hub and still use the static IP address from my current ISP? (I am happy to use the Smart Hub in place of the existing router. However, the existing router is very configurable, and can be set to use the Smart Hub as a modem if this is required.)


I would appreciate any advice.


Thank you.


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Imprator


Hope you are well.


Unfortunately, to my knowledge there is no way to get the Static IP until the order completes. The 4G will work in the meantime, but not on the IP. The old connection should still be active in the meantime as you say, but the way the 4G is configured it will only work with the BT router rather than your existing one, and it will not work with the BT router converted to a modem. I do sincerely apologise about this, but it would seem that you would need to wait for the order to complete for the new Static IP. I will double check with a few colleagues for any alternatives that may be suitable.


It may be worth speaking to our orders team to see what could be done to speed that up for you though. You can get them on 0800 800 152.