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How to Set Up Email Accounts




I need some advice please. I was allocated 10 email accounts when I signed my contract with BT. I know my email address but I want to create an email account for my Mother and one for my husband. My Mum wants to email her friends and my husband wants to be able to use the BT Wift hotspots.


My problem is: you need to enter a password when creating your account. Where do I find this? Who gives it to me?


Can anyone help please?


Many thanks




Same problem with me.


I tried this set this up and failed a few months ago.

I have to add a domain which I have done.

I have filled in the new account details.

I have updated the mx records as requested for my new domain.


The new e-mail address is listed, but there is no where to click to set the new password. 


The primary bt connect has the buttons to take you to office365 webmail and change the password but nothing for the bt business lite. 


I'm starting to think the whole of bt business apps (including the small business part of office365) is a jumbled mess. 


The link in the email which tells you how to activate the email 
"To find out how to validate your domain click here." just takes you to the initial login screen. 


I came on to the forums to see if there where any answers and your questio was the first to appear. 


If you have made any headway please let me know. 


All the best