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IPhone sync with Outlook


Hi Community

I have been searching for over 2 days for an answer to this issue. Unfortunately I've been bounced around all of BT. In essence my calendar abnd conatcts won't sync with my iPhone but my mail account does. I have followed the procedure of clicking on calendar or contacts and add acount e.g. for contacts it's carddav and for calendar its caldav. I then enter and create a new account. Always comes back with account verification failed. No onme knows the answer. Can anyone help please? thanks


Grand Guru

Hi there dcampbell76, with your BT email address if it is a Lite account an or s domain account where you are not not paying for an Office 365 exchange license, then your account is a POP only email account.


What this means is that only the inbox will synch up, your other folders and calanders wont synch, this function only comes with the paid for exchange Office 365 license for domain names.