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Outlook Express 6.0. Inbox.dbx is corrupt.


I am using OE 6.0. Today when I opened my OE, my emails in inbox were gone. Inbox.dbx still shows its size 0.99Gb. I have tried a solution of copying all of my emails folder to some other location and then renaming my inbox.dbx to inbox.dbx.old and importing emails from the copied location. This didn't work. Please help me to comeout of this problem.


Grand Guru

Hi thurmond,


it sounds like you have a corrupt mailbox in Outlook Express, due to the age of the program it is no longer a supported email client.  You can download windows live mail for free from Microsoft, which is the new vewrsion of Outlook Express.






If memory serves, 1GB is the size limit for an Outlook Express .dbx file and it will blow up like this when you reach it. The files often corrupt above 300MB so avoid Outlook Express for business emails. It's just too old. Don't forget also that on older PCs which may have a FAT32 file system, the size limit of any file is 4GB anyway, and Windows Live Mail or the full-blown Outlook still won't be able to take you past this limit, without converting to NTFS. 

Power User
  1. Download, install and run Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express
  2. Please select the folder with Outlook Express dbx files
  3. Select DBX files for recovery
  4. Press on the Start Recovery button
  5. Select the folder for saving recovered messages
  6. Save all messages by pressing on Save All button
  7. Please create a new empty Outlook Express folder
  8. Select .eml files in Windows Explorer using the Shift + arrow keys or the Ctrl key + the left mouse button
  9. Use your mouse to drag the selected .eml files to the Outlook Express folder

Hope This Helps,