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Difference Between Office 365 and Business Lite?

Can someone please explain in simple terms what Business Email Lite is and what you get as part of that package? 


The only page I can see on the support pages says Office 365 looks one way whilst lite looks another.


I think I understand that The Office 365 for small business seems to be a fully web enabled cloud based system.  Which needs connected to the internet all the time to operate.


Any info would be much appreciated!


Thank you


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Re: Difference Between Office 365 and Business Lite?

Hi Kelly


I was just passing through and I believe I would know the answer to your query.


The email lite account is just a basic pop account, however there are options to setup an out of office message and add contacts online or set the account up in outlook.


It does not allow messages to be setup as an IMAP account as in the inbox sent items, drafts etc are the same on all devices.


Kindest of regards,

Bob C

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