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ISP for email for Mr site website email??

Hello, i hope you dont mind me writting about a none BT website! 


I have a Mr site website and email address which is on my Microsoft outlook or windows mail.  I can only receive emails from this address because Mr site does not give a smtp outgoing email thingy!!! Fustrating


It states on Mr site that you must contact your ISP server for a smtp for outgoing mail, i am on a broadband BT connect but i do not know who the heck to contact or what i really need to ask for


Please can anyone give me some advice as it looks realy NAF emailing back with a BT email address and not my website one.


Many thanx in advance.



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Re: ISP for email for Mr site website email??

The server to use is but you will have to contact BT tech support to ask them to allow your domain name to be sent through their server. Mail Relay is what you need to ask them for.