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Can I have a dump of rude/abusive comments?

We already know it is possible for a machine to be taught to classify comments automatically. This incredible post used machine learning techniques with an initial training on known good and flaggable comments in order to classify any comments.


One of the answers of that post mentioned that it would be even more useful to identify rude / offensive comments automatically with a very high success rate. This is what I intend to try and to output these comments in chat for human to review.


To do this, I started to use a basic identification technique with a regular expression on all comments that are posted on SO. This generates many false positives, and, like the linked post, a machine learning algorithm is needed. However, this means I need a lot of rude / offensive comments to train a classifier.


Bottom-line: I want lots (> 3000) of rude comments. The dump should contain comments deleted by a moderator that has at least one rude/offensive flag.

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