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BT cancelled my business line

BT Cancelled my Business Line
Bt have randomly cancelled my business line, i only found out as I had customers telling me that they couldnt phone through.

I called the faults support team and they told me that an 'interaction' was out through on the 5th of November and that my line had been cancelled.

Has anyone had a problem like this before or knows who I can speak to for help? The chap on the phone told me there was nothing he could do.

Why and how can they just casually cancel a landline? God knows how many customers I've lost.

Super User

Hi Stetran,


There are various reasons behind a line being cancelled. Lack of payment following a billing restriction, a request to have the line cancelled by the account holder/a registered contract, or a system issue. I would recommend contacting orders on 0800 800 152 as they will be able to clarify the reason behind the cease and if it was done so in error, reinstate your services.


Thank you, Bobby