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Cloud Voice Express - second number?


Hi there,


Although I am struggling to retain my existing number from BT Residential to BT Business I need to ask if it is possible to add any additional numbers to Cloud Voice Express?


I ask because I have a second line that I moved from BT Residential to PlusNet a few years ago as BT couldn't (and still don't offer a static IP address on Residential) and to use as a failover not realising at the time that PlusNet use OpenReach backbone so in the event that BT falls over chances are that PlusNet would fall over also! 🙄


My plan is to wait until BT Full Fibre is up & running and then cease PlusNet in the process saving me £50 per month - when I signed up it was only £24.99 per month but doubled when my contract expired.


I am wondering what to do with the ex-BT telephone number that is currently utilised on the PlusNet line and whether it might be possible to port it across to Cloud Voice Express on termination with PlusNet.


Now this might be a loaded question what with the grief that I am currently experiencing trying to port my telephone number of 50+ years from BT Residential to BT Business so is only hypothetical at this point in time.


Does BT offer & support additional telephone numbers on Cloud Voice Express and if so what are the charges for these second & subsequent numbers please?


Thanks & kind regards,




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