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ISDN vs analogue lines


Hi all,

We run a small 4 person office and have a BT versatility system plugged into an ISDN box for telephone calls only.

We also have a BT analogue line which our broadband is running through, both lines we pay BT line rental on.

We are looking to upgrade our broadband to fibre optic and wondered if it best to combine the telephone and broadband onto one line, therefore omitting the line rental cost.

Would it be best to do this onto the ISDN line or analogue line?



Dear KWA


You should look at VOIP phone system.  It works over the Internet.  BT provides a  licence system that has one thousand free minutes per month, call hold, trasnfer etc.




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     Changes can be done in 4 Clicks. – As easy as online banking!

     Call Recording Available from Basic Edition.

     Mobile and Tablet Integration Available from Basic.

     Work from anywhere.

     International Conference Calling.

     PC Integration - Fantastic Softphone Offering!

     Speed of set up. – A new member of staff into the business can be added with their own DDI and take calls within 10 mins!