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BT incompetence and hopelessness

BT incompetence and hopelessness

Yet another saga of BT idiocy and infuriating treatment of customers. In late August I spoke to BT sales person (I am a business customer) who sold me a package he said would be to my advantage. It included renting two dongles for £20 a month, despite the fact that I do not have a BT mobile and had no need of dongles. He said  because of reduced line rental and usage charges, the package would still be more economical even though I was paying £20 a month for the dongles. To save more money I asked that, having originally had two landlines, this could be reduced to a single one.  Five days later BT disconnected both my lines. It was five days before the landline I wished to retain could be reinstated. During that time I was without any service at all. Ten days later I received a BT bill charging me under my former package . When I questioned this I was assured that in October the new arrangement would kick in, so I paid that bill as usual by direct debit.  My October bill was enormous - because contrary to the contract I had signed, I was charged £46 + VAT for the dongles that supposedly cost £20. I rang BT. The man I spoke to said it appeared I had been missold a contract and had been misled into taking on dongles. He said that he was suspending my bill for 28 days and would cancel my direct debit while matter was looked into. Having bitter experience of dealings with BT, I said I was worried that nothing would be done to address my problems, and soon a letter would arrive complaining of non-payment and threatening to disconnect me. He assured me not.  Two days ago I realised I had not heard from BT so rang billing department to find out what was happening. The guy said he would suspend my bill for another 28 days while matter was looked into. Yesterday I received a letter from BT complaining of non-payment and threatening disconnection. When I rang the billing dept I was told that as I had an open complaint, they could do nothing more for me - though insisted that my line would not be disconnected. I have my doubts, not to mention fears.  And of course, if I understand rightly, all these  interminable and maddening conversations with BT are on a premium rate number so I think that I am paying through the nose for it. BT is the most useless and irresponsible business  and its customers are its victims.  During my talks with BT I have repeatedly said that I just want to sort this problem out and pay a correctly charged bill. To finalise, I'll just add that when I was lured into entering this absurd new contract I did so partly on the grounds that my burglar alarm line , which is paid for in a separate BT account, would be incorporated in my landline account with a greatly reduced rental. Needless to say this has not happened.  Yet another mix-up by the mix-up champions.

 That's putting it politely. BT should hang head in shame
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Re: BT incompetence and hopelessness

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Hi Stross385,


If you're not happy with the way your complaint is being handled, ask to escalate. The correct process is to deal with your call at first point of contact - even if you have a complaint raised, they need to be able to take action during your phone call instead of passing it on and if they can't, ask to speak with management.


The missale process can take a while as it involves listening to calls for the agreement that was made, but I suspect the reason they aren't charging you the 'correct cost' is because what you were advised is something that can't be offered. You will need to go through BT Business to verify this though. 


Thank you, Bobby

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