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BT Cloud Voice and iphone


Just had Cloud Voice installed. when answering an incoming call on an iphone 5 or 6 I have to swipe and then put in the PIN before I can answer it. this takes several  seconds, Is this correct? I expected to be able to answer or decline the call without that procedure


Grand Guru



I have spoken to the Cloud Voice team, as it is not an area I know, they have said this.


If  look at the settings in the app (bottom right corner) and there are two slide bars, remember password and automatic sign-in - these should both be enabled.


However if you have pin protection on your phone and the phone is in sleep mode then the phone will always ask for the pin – this would be the same for any app on the phone.


I Hope this is of help.






Thanks Mark. So it is not really practical to use Cloud Voice app in a car (obviously need wi-fi anyway), need to somehow transfer it it to cellular network. Do you know if that is possible?

Keith Hill

Power User

Hi Keith,


Most VoIP providers can divert calls to mobiles and landlines via their online control panel.  If you want to make calls from your business number out and about you normally need to use a VoIP app on your mobile phone.  This is fine as long as you have a good internet connection and as you will discover that can prove to be a little frustrating.


The other option that I went with allows me to make a call from any phone (mobile or landline) and have it display my buisness number.  This means that I always get a good quality call and give a consistant business image without having to display my mobile or home numbers.


The people I use can do this for any number without having to change any systems, etc. It's a standalone servcie. If interested call 033 33 58 33 33 and speak to Stuart.


All the best.



Thanks for your advice HowsThat