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BT & Openreach won't remove an old Meridian Switchboard


First time poster here and hoping for some help.

We have a 'BT Meridian  Switchboard' here and need to have it removed (building work going on). We've never used it and it was here when we bought the place 18 months ago.

The feed from outside looks like it comes into this box.

When we moved in we had an engineer come and fit our broadband, and he used and existing cable which I suspect also is in or around this box.

We'd like to have this removed and leave our broadband and phone line with uninterrupted service (simple I thought... I'll ring BT..


After much to-ing and fro-ing BT said no its for Openreach to do. Openreach said its not us, its for BT to do...

3 times I've been to BT and 3 times to Openreach, and neither says they will do its for the other one....!


I'm quite stuck... Any help or ideas - gratefully received.

BT Box_Barn.jpg