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Unable to move from CVE to CV?




So our business has outgrown the cloudvoice express service we have used for the last couple of years and we had been recommended to upgrade our phone service to cloud voice. So we got the contracts and signed them with the understanding that we were able to keep our current business landline number.


Yesterday, I received a call from my local account manager who is handling the switch to inform me that BT cloud team are unable to transfer our business landline number as they are unable to port it from cloudvoice express. He explained that this is because the number has never been a traditional landline number and has only ever been cloudvoice express. He presented me with the option to continue with the order and take a new landline number or cancel the order or keep 2 separate subscriptions and forward the calls from our current landline to the new landline.


As a business its vitally important to keep the same landline number as this number becomes associated with the business. It ends up on marketing material and more. It's impractical to reprint all material and then tell current clients that unfortunately BT can't move our number to the new service we require.


Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone managed to get this issue fixed?


I don't particularly want to keep my current subscription and pay for the new one however, we need the functionality of the cloud voice service. This issue would also prevent us from switching supplier to get the functionality elsewhere as the number wouldn't be portable.


Really would appreciate any help with this.



Hi dannyleeaesthet, 


If you can PM me I can have have a look at this for you. 







I have PM'd you 🙂