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Endless tutorial post from the mods


Is anyone else getting tired of the endless 'tutorial' posts on using BTB? 

I wish they were in a different section.  I go to the community to try and offer help to customers with real problems.

Every time I log in there are endless tutorials which I have to open just to get rid of the bolded entries.


Why no tutorial on how to access past emails now that BTB emails are only accessible online.  Most business users still need access to all their historical emails.



Hey @kelper thanks for the feedback. We currently have some work underway to further connect our help website and our community together so we're working to add product and tutorial information that customers might need help with over here. 


But we'll take your feedback on board and reduce the amount of posts we post at one time and we're sorry for any inconvenience. I've taken a break from it to avoid you and other users seeing too many posts from us. Thanks for the tutorial idea, I'll take it away!