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Want to cancel "renewed contract"



Hope somebody can help me!


I currently have/had a two-year contract (bundle is £32.95 inc. VAT) due to end: 12/04/2022


I received a renew contract notice through the business portal and decided to do it straight away in case I forgot.


I renewed my contract via chat facility on 10/02/2022. Initially I agreed to: Halo Superfast + Digital Line at £36.95 which included a cordless phone as part of the package.


However, I later received an email which said:


"I have tried to place the order with the digital line but the line isn’t compatible the initial checks advised it was possible sometimes it can change through the order process, I can place the order for exactly the same package as you have now superfast enhanced and a value line for the same price of 36.95. Please let me know you are happy to proceed with this".


Unfortunately, the salesperson failed to advise me that this price excluded VAT, (my current package is £32.95 inc. VAT), nor did she advise me of other cheaper bundles which were available e.g., BT Superfast Essentials or the option NOT to renew contract and instead set up one of the “Residential Contracts”.


Anyway, I agreed to renew the same package (Superfast + Value Line) thinking it was only a couple of quid extra!


Then, I received emails from BT telling me that they had ended my old contract (which, remember, wasn’t due to end until 12/04/2022) and the new contract was now set up 10/02/2022.


Surely my “new” contract should not start until my old contract ends on 12/04/2022?


On reflection and discussions with others I no longer wish to renew my contract at the price of £36.95 excluding VAT and therefore wish to cancel.


What should I do next? All advice will be gratefully received….


Thank you





Hi fizzysparkle,


Can you PM me and I can take a look for you.