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100kb/s for over one month now (hot VP)


My broadband connection suddenly went from my normal 2Mb/s to 100k just over a month ago. I did see that a fault had been reported at my local exchange (Harrold) at 3am on 25 August, but that it had been resolved. My speed did not improve so I first registered a fault on 27 August.



Since that day I have had 3 boost engineers come out to look at the problem and all have now said that it is a hot virtual path at the exchange. The usual steps seem to be the following:


1/ Engineer visits property and declares problem is not here

2/ Engineer visits exchange and rings me from there to explain that a hot virtual path is the problem (just congestion I believe). Also explains that he/she has spoken to BT Wholesale who are responsible for this type of fault. BT Wholesale accept the fault.

3/ A day or two later I get a call from BT support to tell me that BT Wholesale don't think it is a hot vp and they arrange for an engineer to visit.

4/ Go back to step 1.


What is frustrating is that there seems to be no way out of this labyrinth. I have another year to go on my 2 year 'Total' contract and I am considering signing up a new contract with someone else, even if I have to pay another year to BT.


If anyone has any suggestions of some other approach that I can take to get somebody to take my fault seriously, I would be very grateful. From searching on Google it seems this is quite a common problem, and one of the threads I saw was from someone who had had this problem for 7 months. As a business user I will not be able to keep going with the current situation.






I am sorry to hear that yuo seem to be getting nowhere with your fault, mfulford.  Can you send me a personal message with some details?  (Your broadband telephone number will do).

Please don't post any details in the forum, click on my icon and you will find a link to send me a personal message a little way down the page, on the right.


I have moved into a bungalow a couple of weeks ago and am experiencing this same issue.  Can you offer me some idea as to the resolution for this issue as it seems to be fairly common looking at the forum posts?

Power User

Hi. Slow speed can be caused on a lot of factors. I would suggest to call to tech support to have this investigated. 


Also run "tracert". For us to know which hope your getting the slow connection. 


output from trace below.  it took around 15 seconds.  Does this give any clues?



Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms  api.home []
  2    43 ms    38 ms    39 ms []
  3   202 ms   445 ms   882 ms
  4   163 ms    45 ms    58 ms
  5    40 ms    45 ms    45 ms
  6    46 ms    61 ms    51 ms
  7  1168 ms  1328 ms  1330 ms
  8  1244 ms  1345 ms  1342 ms
  9   994 ms  1324 ms  1327 ms [109.159.24
 10  1417 ms  1421 ms  1340 ms [109.159.2
 11  1362 ms  1347 ms  1353 ms
 12  1535 ms  1473 ms  1363 ms
 13   999 ms  1323 ms  1328 ms
 14  1021 ms  1453 ms  1360 ms []

Trace complete.