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Hub connection speed high but internet speed slow


Hi all,


I am working with a client at the moment who is experiencing a VERY slow internet connection speed. The router (BT Business Hub) is reporting a connection at 23425kbs, but the internet is very slow to use throughout the office. reports a speed of no more than 300 to 400 kbs. The issue is not to do with the clients office network. I beleive that they have had BT test the line only to report no faults. 


I have attached a PDF of the router broadband status page. Any ideas?







Do you mean slow to respond when browsing - and possibly with intermittent failures to find pages?

If so this is a common problem with the way the 2700HGV handles DNS.

Try setting the client machine(s) to manually use public DNS servers - such as and




Stats look fine - n oise margin is a little low but the 2700 will hold down to 0dB and occasionally below (I have seen -0.7dB).


However the Link Errors are horrendous!    That points to a potential problem with either the 2700 or the DSLAM (exchange).    246 errored seconds with a 4m27sec uptime ... it could not get worse.


Can I suggest turning turning off and disconnecting the modem from te phone line and leaving it off for an hour (or overnight).   


Then (and it might be drastic), power up whilst stilll disconnected from the phone line,  make a note of all the settings on the 2700.       Then do a full reset to factory defaults.


Wen it has rebooted, connect a single,  input UID,  password and other key settings and connect back to the phone line.


Wait for sync and see what happens.



If that again fails - talk to support again, tell them what you have done, it may require a new 2700 or an exchange fault rectifying.