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Any high speed hotspots in London?


Does anybody know of any high speed (ie more than 5Mbps upstream) in London? We are trying to send video files to a client in Abu Dhabi from various locations around north and west London, and our office upload speed (BT)  s far too slow. We are more than happy to go to business centres, hotels, etc to find a really fast connection and pay for it , but if there are BT Openzone hotspots or BTFon places where we can get fast upload speeds i would be interested to know.






It will depend on how the hotspot is connected - if they have a dedicated fibre then you will be fine,   with SDSL you could see a suitable upstream or if the hotspot has a BTnet leased line it would be fine.


Most hotspots are, from experience, fed from an ADSL or VDSL connection - with a VDSL connection there could be 8Mbps available ...


However, the big problem you will face is others using the same hotspot which will immediately impact on your throughput.