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Are BT broadband "Talk" and "Voice" different and incompatible?

I have BT Broadband Voice. I was led to believe that a BT videophone 2000 would be an appropriate purchase to use on it. I now find that it, apparently, only works on BT Broadband Talk. Can anyone confirm that "Talk" and "Voice" are incompatible platforms and that there is nothing I can do about my problem, please. OR... can anyone suggest a solution, please?

Super User

Hi Broadsider,

Unfortunately the 1000 and 2000 videophones are not compatible with Broadband Voice.

Broadband Voice is the business VoIP service and Broadband Talk is the residential consumer equivalent.

You will be able to use your videophone at home, provided that you have BT Total Broadband and Broadband Talk. Alternatively, you can download the free software client BT Office Communicator through Webcare and make your business video calls over the internet that way.

I hope this helps.