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Assigning multiple ip's to one device behing a BT Business Hub




this issue has been driving mad for a good few months now. We have a bt business hub with 13 static ip addresses using the BT peer adressing system. The BT business hub is configured correctly and i can ssign one public ip to my sonicwall firewall WAN interface correctly. This works exactly as it should. however, the sonicwall should have all 13 static ip's associated with it but it appears impossible to do this on the BT business hub as it can only allocated 1 public ip to one mac address (or device). Can someone just clarify that this is the case please or help provide me with some instructions on how to allocate multiple static public ip's to one device behind the bt business hub?


If this router cannot do it, does anyone know of one that can do it and a set up guide?


All i can find out there are guides to put single public ip's on to individual servers which while I *could* its not an ideal scenario.




Grand Guru

Hi there phuongtam,


The BT hubs are unable to assign more than 1 IP to any device, what you can do is you wan the Sonicwall rto manage the static IP's is to put the BT router into bridge mode, then setup the Sonicwall up to do the PPPoE authentication  for the line, then configure it with the static IP range for your line that you want it to manage.