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BT 0800 Not Requested


I have just queried my business phone account as to why it was always so much despite have a call plan in place  an have just been informed that I had been paying for an 0800 number since 2011 that did not know anything about so a considerable amount of money is at stake here  . I have never ordered an 0800 number . As I am a one man  business only I deal with phone matters so I should know if I ever ordered one which I did not.So now BT want 28 days to sort  out the complaint .BT are quick enought phone you for payments on accounts but when its their fault its another matter and just to make mattters worst ,if you get a refund on charges  dont expect interest on the money you are owed . If am am not satisfied with the outcome the Chief Executive Office or his assistant had better hold the phone a long way from their ears.


Any one know the CEO's phone number



28 days is probably reasonable.


The person investigating may have to request paper copies of files and orders from back in 2011 or other records.  Some will take a lot to find and in some cases they need one piece of information before going to the next stage.