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Business relocation-transfer of phones failure


I reuested a transfer of my split line (2 lines on 1 number). Bt sent a sub contractor on date agreed, but he got halfway through the installation and drove off claiming he is not qualified to do a split line. He said there was nothing he could do I would have to call BT.

I called them and after lots of failed return calls from BT, I finally got someone to agree to send another engineer out. This time a proper BT employee came out, said she had fixed one line, but has had to log another fault as there was now a corrossion problem in the bt box in the street. I tested the line that she had supposedly fixed and surprise surprise it was not fixed at all, I could make calls, but not receive any incoming. She reported this second problem and said the next engineer would sort it. The next engineer turned up and said he had fixed that one line, but I wouldn't be able to receive any incoming calls on it until BT made the faulty line busy. I had BT on the phone and tried to get the openreach engineer who was standing next to me to discuss this with the BT people, but he refused, stating that it was company policy that they did not talk to each other! He said he could have fiixed the other line easy and had them both working, but that job wasnt allocated to him  and he drove off.

I again made several calls to BT who failed to return a single call after 3 promises of calling me back within 10 minutes.   

Finaly someon did call back who said she had managed to get a "qualified engineer" to call out the next morning and they will be able to fix everything-Why do I find this hard to believe.

My business has now been left by BT with no phone lines for 2 whole days. No wonder the British economy is in such a mess. 

I will now be sending emails to all the executives and sending the whole case to my litigation solicitor to start immediate proceedings to recover the losses that my business has lost and also for the stress and trauma this has cuased myself.

This seems the only way forward-it could well be that BT completely ruin my successful busnes and due to them having a monopoly on phone installations, I have no choice but to use them-What a disgrace!

Enough said-I shall let the judge rule on this one




@PaulInvictas wrote:
and due to them having a monopoly on phone installations, I have no choice but to use them-What a disgrace!

Enough said-I shall let the judge rule on this one


Actually,   BT do NOT have a monopoly.   Any company can start up and gain the requisite approvals to offer services in fixed line telephony, but how many actually want to?



I can sort of relate to this as we are currently moving business address and trying to get BT to install 2 new lines in our new premises. I cannot even begin to describe how useless they have been from the beginning. Here is a flavour of our experience over the last 10 days

Phone calls to sales people repeatedly not returned
When we did get a sales person who would talk about transferring lines he failed to send us an email confirming what we had agreed. 10 days later we still don't have this despite repeatedly asking but do have various pieces of paper arriving from BT with incomplete or incorrect information
Sales team saying new lines can be installed with 8-10 working days. The best we can get is 13 days
Business movers team repeatedly not returning calls. They promise to do so within 2 hours. Our experience is generally they don't or it is the next day. On one occasion when I told the manager this he said we were being unreasonable in requiring a reply within 30 minutes, to which I replied we had already waited over 12 hours and were leaving for the day
Business movers contact telling us she has been too busy to deal with our requests for information on what she thinks we have agreed to
Online details of our order different to pieces of paper we receiving
Business movers team manager now not ringing back as promised either, despite having all this explained to him on Thursday (its now Monday)
Shift of broadband to another line not possible as they have failed to send us the Welcome letter or email with password details - it's over a week now. Another 40 minute phone call yesterday to sort this out. Funnily enough they got the new bank details for our payment sorted out very quickly though! Instant letter from them on how they would take money from me.
Being told we have to have a 5 year contract even though our current contract was for 3 years with only a year left to run
Being told we have no choice about new number whereas 3 years ago we did

Tomorrow will be actively exploring alternative suppliers and cancelling the supposed contract which we don't have full details of