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BT Business Mobile Broadband


Hi all,


I am currently looking for a 3G broadband solution that will allow me to connect 6 PCs to the one 3G connection.


Questions. (Ihave tried BT on the phone but no one could find the correct dept to transfer me to)


Does BT sell a 3G Router that can be plugged into the 3G modem that you get with the BT Business Mobile Broadband packaged15 pm


IF you don't sell the router can you tell me what models are compatible?


Does anyone currently have a setup like this that works with BTs product? I have found several routers that support the E170 dongle but none specifically say BTs product will work with them.


Thanks in advanced




Power User



I am not aware of BT selling a 3G router that would achieve what you describe. However, it would be possible for you to use a BT supplied E170 dongle with a router that claims to support the E170.


Whilst I cannot recommend a particular model, there are several on the market that offer this functionality. There is some discussion on this topic on the BT Community Forums which you may find useful. Although it relates to the consumer product, it is very similar.


One thing to note is that if the 3G router came from another network operator e.g. 3, it will most probably be tied to their network and so won't work with the BT network.


Hope this helps